Baby Bowls
05th July 2012
Why not celebrate the birth of your children with a baby bowl/plate engraved with the names and dates of birth of your baby. Each child can be added in turn on a commemorative beautiful family heirloom. This would make a lovely present from a proud grandparent!
Pourquoi pas célébrer les naissances de vos enfants avec un bébé-bol gravé avec les noms et dates de naissance de vos bébés? Chaque enfant peut être ajouté à son tour sur un beau commémoratif souvenir de famille.Ce peut être un cadeau très sympathique d'un fier grand-parent!

07th September 2011
Any glass can be engraved with your sign of the zodiac or that of a friend.
Toutes types de verre peuvent être gravés avec les signes du zodiaque, ou pour vous même ou comme cadeau pour un ami.
28th May 2011
Julian has been invited to be in the following publications:
Julian a été inviter d'être dans les publications suivants:

Best of Worldwide Glass Artists Volume 1 published by Kennedy Publishing.
British 20th Century Glass by Charles Hajdamach
New Doors
25th May 2011
Exciting new panels for doors have just been engraved. Details from one of the doors can be seen below. Each door has 4 panels: 2 square panels and 2 rectangular panels. They are engraved with imaginary plants on both sides of the glass to give a 3D effect. Below are photos of 2 of the square panels - a lily and a lotus flower. Photographs of the panels in place and some details can be seen in the Gallery in the Panels' portfolio.